Thursday, December 24, 2009


It has been an eventful last week and a half. Last weekend we were to get out for the Celtic Solstice 5 miler on Saturday and then a 20 miler on Sunday. That was the plan at least. Then came the snow....lots of snow. In DC we got hit with about 18" of the wintry goodness which in the nation's capital equals complete shutdown. Needless to say, the only workouts we got were shoveling snow. On Saturday we shoveled at least three or four times and Sunday brought the lovely task of digging out the cars. After the last shovel full, I went right to the shower and then couch not even considering a run.

On Monday, Maureen and I drove up to Connecticut for the holiday. Thankfully the drive was tolerable [we have had a string of terrible drives...8 - 12 hours for a 300 mile trek]. After a dinner and a good night sleep, I had to get back on the running train. While the streets of Connecticut had limited snow, the temperature at run time was 23 degrees with a nasty wind. I put on my 30 layers of clothing and headed out.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Connecticut Training 2 [Short Training 21]

I made my journey through the streets of Wolcott and Waterbury dodging snow banks and lost holiday shoppers. The first 5 miles were not too bad...there was some sun and a light breeze. After I made the turn back, the wind smacked me in the face and beat me down. I fought the urge to stop and call for a ride at every hill. After about 10 miles, I was back to a warm house.

After the day off yesterday, I got back out this morning for a pre-holiday dinner run. The plan was to do about 5 miles and keep the legs loose in the 19 degree blistering heat. That was the plan...then I got lost. I had some idea where I was, but wasn't exactly sure, aside from turning around, how to get back. Using my John Locke tracking skills [I can't wait for LOST to return] I figured out where I was and only had two hills to cross to get home. So much for a light jog with limited hills. Needless to say, the post 7 miles shower and coffee were fantastic.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Connecticut Training 1 [Short Training 20]

I am now ready to relax for a few days and enjoy the holiday with friends and family. I hope everyone gets to do the same. We are about two and a half weeks from the race, so I should start carbo-loading now...bring on a nice, cold beer. Have a great holiday everyone!

a bunch of random runs...

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Short Training 19

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Long Training 12

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Short Training 18

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Short Training 17

Sunday, December 6, 2009

welcome back + see you soon

It has been a good post-thanksgiving week...the semester is coming to a close and the holiday gatherings are starting. The week had a couple of good short runs...I somehow managed to get runs in on days when it wasn't pouring down rain and that's always a good thing. Following my terrible run [the run wasn't really terrible, I was just wiped out from the cold and wind] on Saturday, I spent the week nervous for my Sunday long run. In building up for the 20 miler Sunday, I wanted to go through the motions this better, get some sleep and just relax.

The good news came Friday on my drive home...John had been cleared to get back out running. He went out Thursday for a short run and was going to join me on Sunday at the end of the long run. Welcome back amigo, the team is back together.

This week was also a weekend where Saturday and Sunday runs were on the schedule. I got up Saturday to rain, sleet and snow [John's favorite meteorological system...the "wintry mix"]. I bundled up and decided to take the canine pace dog, Harley, with me to burn off some energy and keep me company. It was so terrible out that the super-Garmin watch couldn't even see a satellite. Note to self: when the super watch can't see space, don't run.

We headed down past the Capitol and on to the Mall. Within the first mile, we were both soaked and Harley was not happy with me at all. We went down the Mall and rounded the Washington Monument to head back home. The weather got worse and the temperature dropped over the extent of the run. At each red light, Harley was shivering seemingly contemplating biting me and getting a cab home. After 6 miles we got home to warmth and breakfast. Harley didn't acknowledge my existence for about 3 hours.

Following the run, we got the bad news that my maternal grandmother, the Pittsburgh Spit-fire, Romayne Mayko passed away. It was shocking to me that she was over 90 as she had more energy than most 30 year olds. She was a wonderful person and spectacular grandmother. I don't know how it started or when it started, but for some reason whenever we called each other, we would change our voices and act like we were someone else...telemarketers, service calls, the police, etc. This amused us to no became a competition to see who was more creative in their character and his/her voice. It did back-fire on one point just after college, she called our house and John happened to be the one to answer the phone. She thought it was me and started in. John being totally confused, acted as such. Eventually grandma said, "who is this?" to which John responded, "you called me...who's this???". Safe to say, she loved John from that moment. Rest in Peace grandma, you will be missed by this grateful grandchild.

Surprisingly, I slept fairly well Saturday night and thankfully the wintry mix stopped by Sunday morning. I had some breakfast and set out in the 32 degree weather for the 20 mile run. The first two miles were damn mile 4 I was crossing into Virginia and warming up. When I hit mile 5, I was in autopilot. I knew that John would meet me around mile 16 in Georgetown and prop me up to breakfast. Aside from some ice on sidewalks, the run went incredibly well. I motored into Georgetown feeling good. John was right on time, gave me a few minutes to stretch and we were back on the road together. It was good to have the tandem back...felt like months since we ran together. With one month to the race[s], we are optimistic and feeling good.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Long Training 11

I finished the run strong and feeling good. Aside from a minor planning issue, I somehow managed to run 21 miles instead of 20, I felt physically and mentally fantastic. Following a shower, off to that french toast, eggs and bacon tasted incredible. I got to the couch only to find the Redskins beating the Saints. What world is this??? Still a lot of football to team spirit in the Skins has been dashed too many times this season.

This week will be interesting...not sure what it will bring. In the meantime, I am going to reload my water bottle, watch some football and eat some more. Bring on the snacks.

Short Training 16

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Short Training 16

Short Training 15

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Short Training 15

Saturday, November 28, 2009

WIndy with a chance of cyclone

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I hope everyone had some time to rest and relax and enjoy some time with family and friends.

It was for the most part, a good training week. A nice short run on Tuesday evening led into 3 days off from work. Wednesday's errand running could have been classified as a training run, but I didn't chart the mileage and didn't know how it fit into our training schedule exactly.

Thursday brought about turkey day with a nice morning run. John is still on the mend from his bum knee [plus, Thanksgiving was at his place, so we weren't letting him out of the kitchen] so he unfortunately could not join Brad, Sondra and I as we jogged down the mall and then did the Turkey Trot. It was foggy and a bit chilly, but the warm up was a nice kick off to the day. The Turkey Trot was packed...a great turnout for the run benefiting S.O.M.E. We were able to get out in front of the crowds, so we had a nice, quick run.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Short Training 14 / Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

The plan was to then run home. Brad had enough foresight the night before to get Maureen to come pick us up. Given the cold temperatures and the direct route to get coffee, this was a very wise decision. [Yes, I was drinking water in addition to my more kidney stones for me thanks]

Thanksgiving dinner was spectacular...we ate, drank and were merry. We had somewhere between 30 and 40 courses I think from soup to turkey to mashed potatoes and stuffing to a plethora of desserts. Throw in some football and great vino and it was a fantastic day.

I made the decision to do the long run on Saturday to get another day of rest afterward. From the window, it looked like a nice, sunny day. Unfortunately the wind was screaming making the 40 degrees feel like 30. I went through the first 5 miles with no I crossed the 14th Street Bridge, the weather started to take its toll. The wind was wiping me out and I had 8 miles to go. I regained some composure on the south side of the Potomac, but as I crossed the Key Bridge into Georgetown, my energy was zapped. I pushed through the last 4 miles with everything I had. The wind was nasty and through some disturbance in the force it seemed to always be a head wind regardless of what direction I was heading.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Long Training 10

Needless to say, Saturday was a wash. I didn't even have the energy to meet John at Jimmy Ts...bad news, I know. At least today is another football Sunday and tonight we are heading to M + T Bank Stadium to see the Ravens / Steelers game tonight [thanks Heather and Dick for the tickets!] Enjoy the remainder of the weekend everybody...back to the grind tomorrow.

Short Training 13

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Short Training 13

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not a fan of the stones...

We made it back in one piece from Paris following a great trip. It was nice to get back to my own bed. Thursday brought reality and back to work for us. I met Brad for a quick 4 mile run after work to shake out the jet lag. We had some dinner at home and watched some Thursday night football.

At 1am I woke up with my back killing me. I figured I twisted something while running. I got the heating pad and moved to the couch to lay down. Within an hour, I was in agony, not able to sit, lie or stand. I decide to head to the hospital [good decision]. I decide to drive myself [bad decision]. I somehow [I have no idea how] made it to Sibley Hospital and the emergency room. The security guard working the desk and the overnight shift quickly realized that I could not fill out the entry form [hell, I couldn't even read it I was in so much pain] and called for immediate help. The nurse that showed up got me to a chair telling me not pass out as she was half my size and wasn't going to be able to get me up. I gave her my symptoms and she says "I'd bet my salary that you have kidney stones".

I thought kidney stones were reserved for 65 year old people, not 37 year pillars of health [I tell myself that when I am eating chik-fil-a]. She gets me to an emergency room bed and they somehow get an IV in me [I was rolling around in pain, so I was a bit of a moving target]. She gives me some "wonderful pain medicine" that will work quickly. After 4 doses of this miracle pain drug, I get some relief. Fast forward...after the first CAT scan, they find I do have a stone moving from my kidney. They continue to pump me with saline in hopes that it moves through. 7 hours later, I have another CAT scan and the 3mm piece of pain has moved into my bladder and I am free. Since it has been about 7 plus hours since the pain medication, I sneak out with no one telling me not to drive. Driving was not a problem...I was just exhausted from getting an hour and half of sleep...the miracle pain medication was the issue. An unfortunate by-product of this medication is that it "might cause nausea". What they mean is that you will have to pull your car over 4 times on the drive home so you can get sick on the side of the road. Thanks miracle drug.

I crash for a couple of hours, get up, get cleaned up and head to work [I am hoping that some higher-up at work reads this as they are dishing out raises and see my commitment / insanity]. Needless to say, I was in bed by 9pm and out cold.

This weekend was our first double training weekend. We had 5 miles on the schedule for Saturday and 18 miles on Sunday. The downfall to this training weekend is that John was out with a banged up knee for at least a couple of weeks. As a result, I hit the road Saturday with a new training partner in Harley the new dog. The 18 month bundle of energy was a great pace pace dog. We had a great run along the Mall taking in some sunny weather.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Short Training 12

Sunday morning brought the big challenge. I figured I could do the 18 miles; the issue was going to be running alone. Brad stepped up and ran the first 3 miles with me getting me kicked off. I threw on the headphones and took on the remaining 15 miles. It was a great day for a run with cool temperatures and sunny skies. I ran at a decent pace aside from the brutal headwind along the Mall. I made it up the hill around the Capitol and ran right to Jimmy Ts. Wendy was gracious enough to not only meet me, but get there and save a table. The eggs, french toast and bacon could not have tasted any better.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Long Training 9

Following my long, hot shower, I got my first of 800 glasses of water [No way in hell am I going to do that kidney stone thing again]. I am set up to watch the Skins / Cowboys game. After the Skins game last week, I am looking for a victory. I love football Sundays!

Short Training 11

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Short Training 11

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DSB 1 Champs d'Elysees 0

Today is our last full day in Paris. After two late nights in a row, I hoisted my tired rear out of bed for a run. Two nights ago, we had dinner with Alessia Rositani from Casa Malaparte in Capri, Italy and Odile Decq from Paris. I was lucky enough to spend three days in Capri with these two powerhouses in June and loved every second of it. We worked with 15 students at the Casa and had an amazing experience. I haven't seen them both since summer, so it was great to catch up with them. They are still powerhouses and full of energy. We had a great night of wine, cheese, wine, bread and wine. Last night we had dinner with some students and then I went out with Alessia for a drink. We went to Cafe Boboli in Le Marais for some good Italian vino. Nothing like red wine to prep for a morning run.

I did a nice quick jaunt through the Tuileries and then up the Champs d'Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe. Aside from the light rain and overcast skies, it was beautiful. I had underestimated how great running would be to see more of the city. After just over 4 and a half miles, I arrived back at the apartment to find a lovely breakfast waiting. Thank you Judy and your baguette gods.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Paris Training 2 [Short Training 10]

Tonight is a dinner cooked and server by a group of students. As they are all designing a cooking academy and restaurant[s] for their projects, they have broken into three groups to cook for each other as part of the educational exercise. I have no idea what the menu brings this evening, but based on stories from the first two dinners, the food and company should be nothing short of wonderful.

Tomorrow we head back to the states. As long as I can avoid miserable movies, the flight should be just fine. Any suggestions??? See you all soon!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Need Croissant STAT!

So we arrived in Paris on Thursday afternoon after a nice direct flight from Dulles. Aside from the TERRIBLE movie [do not, I repeat NOT, watch or even consider watching GI is 2 hours of your life that you will never get back] the flight was rather enjoyable. Even more shocking was that we got our luggage...I have a very bad history with traveling to Europe while my bags have gone to just about every other continent. We hopped in a taxi and went directly to Stanley and Judy's incredible apartment, one block away from the beautiful Tuilerie Gardens. Following a very quick shower and lunch, it was off to work.

Stanley and I went to studio and met with the students. I was so impressed with what they are doing in studio, but also in their wonderful sketchbooks. I propped myself up with a couple of cafes and made it through to dinner. We had a fantastic group dinner at a lovely restaurant around the corner from Stanley and Judy's place. I made the half block walk home and hit the bed hard. Thank you jet lag gods...

Friday was spent in meetings with landlords, students and faculty. We had a great picnic lunch in the gardens enjoying the unseasonably warm, sunny weather. There were so many people in the gardens, walking, talking, eating and playing.

Following our day of meetings Maureen, Stanley, Judy, Mary, Sarah and I went to dinner at our friends Celine and Betrand's restaurant, A la Biche au Bois. If you are ever in Paris, do yourself a favor and get a reservation for dinner at this tiny gem of a restaurant. We were introduced to Celine and Betrand through my folks and have loved every second of the relationship! The food is so amazing...the deer with mashed chestnuts will change your life. End the meal with a variety of cheeses and the chocolate mousse with Gran Marnier.

John and I had a gentleman's bet on whether or not I would do my training runs in Paris. Following our enormous meal with plans for more eating in the coming days, there was no way I could miss a run. At 8am in the pouring rain, I hit the road.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Paris Training 1 [Long Training 8]

The run wasn't bad...the rain let up after about 30 minutes or so. The sun started to peak through although the wind was fairly nasty. Instead of Jimmy Ts dreams, I envisioned the croissant, pane au chocolate and baguette I would be consuming. Following the run, I agreed to get the baked goods before coming up to the apartment. Talk of torture...standing in a French bakery, smelling the incredible aroma while be famished. It seemed like I stood in line for 3 hours. After my 5 minutes in the bakery, the croissant was mine.

That the update so far...I need another baguette. Or 7. Anyway, I am off to see a few sites before meeting with some students. Au Revoir!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I know...I know...

Another crazy week...started with the usual insanity, ended with me in bed. To say work has been stressful lately is an understatement [Sorry folks, if you are looking for me to dish on work, you have come to the wrong blog]. Long hours + lots to do + not sleeping well = crohn's flare up city. My body caught up with me Wednesday night and told me to keep my butt in bed Thursday. My stomach hurt a ton Wednesday night into Thursday and my body needed some rest and relaxation. I know...stress causes flare ups and I have been under some stress. I need to listen more to my body. I answered my body's call Thursday and spent the day in bed. The irony is that after having daytime television on for one day, I actually think I felt worse. I don't need to see one more damn insurance, cash4gold or crappy jewelry commercial.

The big downfall to a flare up is not eating. I made it to Friday without food and decided to put down a bagel at lunch friday with hopes of survive our Saturday run. Friday night I had a nice bland chicken sandwich with another bagel for breakfast Saturday. Amidst protest from Maureen, John and I hit the road for our run at around 8:30 Saturday morning. John actually promised Maureen that he would "make sure I didn't keel over and die" on our run.

This week was nice and sunny...a little brisk, but no rain. We had a great route through the city, across the river, down by the airport, up to Roosevelt Island, across into Georgetown and then down past the Kennedy Center and the Mall. I had my body weight in GU and water and shockingly had a great run. We felt great and had a great pace.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Long Training 7

Following the run I set out to replenish the GU and Sport Bean stock. After a couple of stops, I returned home to take advantage of the weather and wash the cars. Note: Body still feeling good. While washing the cars, I was thinking about this post. I thought how last week, I confessed to getting a new tattoo and apologize to my mother only to have her call me and say "because it is a tattoo for Chief, it's okay", I had the brilliant idea that I should start a website for online confessions. Just a suggest, I did a search for online confessions while writing this. Not only is the idea taken, pretty much every porn site in the world has "online confessions". Don't do that search at the office. After car washing, it was off to the dog park. After dog walking shower time. Note: Body STILL feeling good. Dinner was a laid back feast at Asian Fushion with a glass of wine in front of the TV for dessert. At this point, body STOPPED moving. I hoisted myself to bed and passed out cold. All in all, a successful day.

So we are about 2 month away from the big weekend of running. Maureen and I are heading to France for a week on Wednesday...I am ready for my Parisian training runs! I know, I need to keep myself healthy. I promise to listen to my body [at least a little more]. You would think since I am trying to raise money in support of the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, I would do better controlling my own Crohn's. I am such a male...

Speed Work 2

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Untitled

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sorry mom...

So it has been a pretty damn good weekend. Got to see some old friends Friday at the 9:30Club. The boys from Guster were in town celebrating the 10th anniversary of Lost and Gone Forever. They played for 2 1/2 hours including the entire album front to back. As always, the put on a great show. Thanks to Brian for hooking us up with backstage passes for after the show. It was good to catch up with the guys...hard to believe it has been over 10 years since they were playing the Bayou. It is nice that they have remained so in touch with their fans and so down to earth.

Here is your random Brian Rosenworcel story...when we were in high school, Brian coerced with my mother for my 17th birthday. He picked me up and we went to rent Monty Python and the Holy Grail and get some junk food. Brian then needed gas so we filled up. Long story short, he was killing time to get everyone to my parents for the surprise. In order to pull off his plan, he needed to make sure he was low on gas...the problem was that his car was virtually full that afternoon. He parked his hot, blue Chevy Nova in the driveway running for several hours in the afternoon to run it low [settle down environmentalists...this was in the late 80s]. This was one of those little gestures that sticks in your memory for years and shows true character. It was a little thing, but shows how generous Brian is to his friends. Thanks amigo.

After a later than usual evening [I am old...anything past 10:30 is late] we hit the sack for an early Saturday morning.

Maureen and I hit the park with the dogs first thing Saturday morning for some serious fetch. As some of you know [I think I have 4 or 5 loyal readers] our dear pooch Chief passed away a month ago. Since then we [including our other dog, Georgia and cat, Harp] have gone through a true adjustment period. Chief was the gentlest soul I have met...we adopted him when he was 2 and grew into a loyal, loving boy who I miss every day. [Bringing this all back around, the long run I did after his passing was brutal. I ran alone and couldn't stop thinking about him. Strangely enough, "Hang On" by Guster came on ye olde iPod and hit the spot. Check it out...thanks gents] We got him through the Conestoga Vizsla Club Rescue [Pat Hudson rocks!] and had to let them know about his passing. When we did, Pat told us that she had a 1 1/2 year old named Harley coming in for a home. Being the generous people [a.k.a. suckers] we are we met Harley and brought him home. He and Georgia are getting along and are playing more and more every day. The park is a great location to shake of the cobwebs and chance the squeaky ball. For info on the CVC Rescue, check out their website at

Following our park visit, I was off to see my good friend Paul Roe. Paul is an amazing tattoo artist with an incredible gift. As much as my folks will be thrilled, I got another tattoo...Paul and I came up with a design honoring Chief and his paw print. He did a beautiful job and I am so proud to have this in Chief's honor. Sorry is out of love for my boy. Check out Paul's work at

Handing out candy for Halloween is usually a streetwide event. People hang out outside with wine and food and hand out the goodies. After about an hour, the rain came in and the festivities were cut short. We moved inside and ate our body weight in candy. Thank you KitKat for your sugar high.

John and I hit the pavement this morning for our weekly long run. Of course the rain continued with a lovely temperature of about 50. 15.16 miles in the rain with cool temperatures is a real blast [that's sarcasm folks]. Regardless, it felt great to get out and run. Thanks to daylight savings time for allowing us to get a bit more sleep.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Long Training 6

Moving back into tradition, we dried off and hit Jimmy T's for some breakfast []. Brad and Sondra held the table and had coffee waiting. The breakfast sandwich could not have hit the spot anymore. Of course, now I am ready for a second breakfast. Nothing like sitting around on a sunday, watching football while eating and drinking. I think have bored you people enough...My tired bones are off to the couch.

Short Training 8

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Short Training 8

Short Training 7

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Short Training 7

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend O' Running

It was a weekend out running around the city. Saturday started with a lovely 6:30a, 10 mile jaunt into Georgetown. Nothing like having to go into work on a Saturday forcing you to hit the road before dawn. John, in some moment of weakness or extreme stupidity, agreed to run with me in the wee hours of the morning. Aside from the 98% humidity it was a good morning to get out.

Sunday was spent chasing Sondra Pires around the Marine Corps Marathon. In an attempt to run Hains Point with her, I headed to the Tidal Basin. I managed to see some guy dressed as the devil, another guy in a mohawk and kilt and a third dressed a Flash Gordon. I also managed to miss Sondra. I went to the other side of Hains Point to continue my luck. I then crossed the Mall and found her around the Washington Monument. I ran with her along the north side of the Mall and then in from of the Capitol. I broke off at the Botanical Gardens [to tell the truth, I couldn't keep up anymore...she was owning that race]. I came back to get my morning coffee and put my old legs up. Lots of training to go...nicely done Sonj!!!

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Marine Corps Marathon Support

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Long Training 5

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Short Training 6

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Short Training 6

Speed Work 1

This week we starting some interval training...a nice break from the norm. 30 second sprints followed by 2 minutes of jogging, rinse, repeat.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Speed Work 1

Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day Short Run

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Short Training 5

Having the day off [or at least not having to go to the office to work] was a good excuse and go for a run. Sondra is two weeks away from the Marine Corps Marathon, so we hit the streets for a training session. I stuck with her for the first 4 miles and then came back...she did 24 miles. On purpose. Needless to say, my 8 miles don't seem so impressive anymore. Regardless, if you are in DC on the 25th, get out and support the runners in the Marine Corps!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

McLean 5K followed by the run home...

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for McLean 5K

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Long Training 3

Not a bad morning...we ran the 5k [by "ran", I mean John sprinted like he was on fire and I jogged behind] and then ran home. The 5k was small, but had great people and benefited the Children's Hospital. John smoked it and came in 4th overall unfortunately right after another chap in our age group meaning no prizes for us. We have big hopes for the next race...

Check out the results here:

Thursday afternoon jog

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Short Training 4

Damn user error

It helps to turn the gps on at the beginning of the run rather than 1 mile in...

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Short Training 3

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I have a complete gadget fetish...I loved technology toys. As a result, I splurged and got a new toy yesterday, a Garmin GFS watch. It is really amazing...tracks exact distances, elevations, time, splits and even calories burned. When you uploaded the info to the computer it charts and tracks all of the information from work out to work out. You can then upload the info to just about any website known to man. Here is my attempt at sharing the info from the 11 miler yesterday in the rain.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Long Training 1

ps. I still love bacon

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"you are very juicy"

It was one of those great days where I managed to get home at a reasonable hour and sneak in a nice 7 mile run. Following the run I stopped in the dry cleaners to pick up the weekly laundry. I love our dry cleaner...not only are they nice folks, but they do a good job. That being said, occasionally Mee Young [the owner] and I have communication issues. Of course, her English is far better than my Korean.

A couple of years ago when I moved back to DC after being in Rome for 4 months, Mee noted, "where have you been? Oh, you look fatter." I nicely explained to Mee that fatter is not the term she was looking for; she meant to say, "where have you been? Oh, you look incredibly handsome." She smiled and noded.

Today was along those lines. Following my 7 miles in 98% humidity [sure there is no such thing as global warming] and loss of 3 pounds in sweat, I was greeted by a smiling Mee. She started the shirt carosel looking for my laundry and asked where I had exercised. I told her of my run along the Mall and she grimaced and said "you are very juicy". I can only assume she was looking to say "sweaty", but having never been described as juicy, I let that one go. Now all I need is those tacky velor sweatpants with JUICY stitched across the rear. Well, off to the mall...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I love bacon

Aside from a minor medical hiccup [damn MRSA Staph Infection returning], John and I were able to hit the road for a nice 7+ mile run this weekend down on the Eastern Shore. Our jaunt took us through historic Cape Charles, VA and the new Bay Creek Golf Club. Aside from about 0% shade, it was a great day to run and felt great getting back out there together.

The biggest news was us finalize our training schedule leading up to January. Currently we are around 8-10 miles each Sunday...we will be ramping up in a week looking towards the two day event. We will be doing some speed work on Tuesdays and shorten distances Thursdays with big runs on Sundays. We will throw in some additional runs on Saturdays to get the legs ready for the back to back beatdown.

Getting out and running is fun...quite honestly, the best parts of long runs are the fact that two great friends get to chat uninterrupted for 2+ hours and then go to Jimmy Ts [all you Capitol Hill folks know the joy of weekend breakfast] for an incredibly unhealthy, but delicious breakfast. I am soooooooo not one of those "I only eat only granola and drink water directly from Swiss springs while doing yoga and mediation" athletes. I can't help it, I love bacon. I said it...I am proud to love greasy, tasty bacon. Who's with me?!?!?!?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

What a weekend

What a great day for a run. It was 72 degrees with 75% humidity at the start of the Annapolis 10 miler. The humidity was a bit much, but considering the race is generally insanely hot, I would take the humidity.

The first 4 miles are through wonderful downtown Annapolis. Brad, Sondra and I managed to stay together for most of it. The first mile was painfully slow moving in and out of folks trying to get our own pace. As we hit mile 1 or so, we settled into a groove. Once we turned to head up the hills into the local neighborhoods, we all lost each other in the crowds. With 4500 people running it wasn’t hard to lose each other.

I managed to keep a good pace through the hills and neighborhoods. As I crossed back over the river by the Naval Academy I had just over a mile to go and was feeling great. Once I saw the Naval Stadium, I was able to give a little kick and finish strong. With a goal of one hour and twenty minutes, I finished at 1:18. Sondra and Brad finished shortly thereafter. We all celebrated with a huge breakfast toasting the great day.

I am by no means a professional athlete. I don’t even pretend to be a professional athlete. I only endorse my friends, their talents, skills and businesses...expect right now. I tried a new product at the race today and was completed blown away. I got some enlyte strips yesterday at the race expo and figured I would give them a go. I know, don’t try a new routine on race day. I don’t listen very well and I am glad I don’t. These little bad boys are phenomenal. Stop reading this and go get some now, you will thank me later. I used a couple before the race and then some during and felt great. I am really impressed. No, they aren’t paying me a damn thing to write this. If anyone at enlyte happens to read this, wanna pay me to sing your praises?

It is 5:30 pm EST and John is just wrapping up the bike portion of the Ironman. According to the reports we are getting, he is looking good and relaxed. Keep it up amigo…we are cheering you on!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Race Weekend

I have just returned from picking up my number and timing chip for the Annapolis 10 miler tomorrow. It has been a pretty good training week...felt good coming back from camp and jumping back into the schedule. The Annapolis race is always great…running through the streets of Annapolis and the local neighborhoods is beautiful. The first five miles are fairly straight forwarded…the second half has some nasty little hills to smack you around. If you find yourself awake around 8am in near Annapolis, come on by…cheering is always welcome! Check out the race at

John is out in Vancouver this weekend racing the Ironman Canada race. My 10 mile race is a joyride compared to the hell he is going to put his body through tomorrow. To say I respect him for this is an understatement…I can’t imagine the mental and physical challenge. He is runner 866…track him online at

Thanks to everyone who has donated to the cause. In under a month I am already at 20% of my goal. Keep the word out there…feel free to pass this webpage around…I would love support from all over the world!

Monday is a rest day with Tuesday being a 5 mile run. Come on out if you want a nice jog around the Washington, DC Mall. Time for some pre-race carbs…

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I can't feel my legs

I am sitting on my couch debating going to bed [it's 4:04pm EST] or taking a nap following an amazing week at Camp Oasis. The kids seemed to have a great time and so did the "adults"! With swimming, golf, ga-ga, dances, a luau, an outdoor movie, hours of music and countless other activities, it is no wonder I am totally exhausted. We had an incredible staff of counselors and an amazing medical team. Thanks to all who participated this week giving their time and energy.

In order to keep pushing the envelope, we amended the already successful scavenger hunt to include movies and music. This year, the campers had to help find Chad [Chad Hollister, musician extraordinaire comes each year to share his tunes and expertise helping the students write and record their own] who got lost attempting to find polar bears. I think the video speaks for itself...

We did this in a 36 hours period with our genius filmmaker, Todd Lewis. The campers seemed to love it and made sure we learned the finer points of the buddy system. We are now taking ideas for next year's hunt. Assuming we continue to up the ante, I presume we will have pyrotechnics, Mr. T, Frankenstein and Magnum PI.

Don't forget to check out the outtakes... Although we appear to be professional actors, we had our share of mistakes.

After my week of camp food and junk food snacks, training picks back up tomorrow with the Annapolis 10 miler in one week. This is going to hurt.

Heading to horizontal...good night...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

off and running

So after a week of sitting around, I am back on the running train. Who knew a little tiny cut could erupt into a Staph Infection? Apparently my wife. And just about everyone else but me. Alright, settle down, lesson learned.

Regardless, I am feeling jittery from not doing anything athletic for a week. Time to lace up the boots and get back out there...the Annapolis Ten Miler is in a few weeks!

Thanks to everyone who have donated! I am so impressed at how generously and amazingly fast people gave! A quick kudos to Kari Petyak who donated so quickly that there was a burst in the sound barrier. You rock!

Meeting at 11th and C NE at 6:30 for 5 miles for anyone interested..................................

Monday, August 10, 2009

have you lost your mind?

I have never been one to sit still..."relaxing" isn't really in my vocabulary and with "24" on summer break, there isn't much reason to sit now. In 2002 I decided the best solution to avoid becoming stagnant was to try running a marathon. The day before my 30th birthday I ran the Marine Corps Marathon and survived...

I swore I would never do it again...

A couple of years ago, having no recollection of the pain, I decided to do it again. Following a great training season, my best friend John Murray and I ran Marine Corps. The race was fun, but the training was the true blast. Short runs during the week with long runs on Sunday followed by breakfast. Life was not bad.

In the continuing saga of p
ushing my aging ankles and knees to the limit, John and I are stepping up to another challenge...The 2010 Goofy Challenge. In the beginning of January [9th and 10th to be exact], John and I will be venturing through Disney World in Orlando Florida. We won't be riding Space Mountain; rather, we will be running a half marathon on Saturday followed by a full marathon on Sunday. 13.1 miles + 26.2 miles = 39.3 miles in 2 days.

Why you ask? A valid question...

My answer...why the hell not? The only live once, why not try something nuts every once in a while.

On 20 April 2000, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. In December 2007, I had 12 inches of small intestine, some of my large intestine and my appendix [they threw this in for free] removed. While the benefit of carrying less weight on long runs seems like the crux of this decision, it was actually the Crohn's that had made this a had to happen.

For the last 6 years I have volunteered in a variety of capacities at Camp Oasis in Kintnersville, PA for one week every summer. Camp Oasis is for kids with Crohn's and/or Colitis an
d is one of the greatest parts of my year. In one week, I will be in PA at camp and I could not be more excited.

As a result of this thrill of working with incredible kids, I am raising money for this slightly insane run to go directly to CCFA. Every PENNY donated goes directly to CCFA and its endeavors to cure these diseases. I encourage everyone to get involved. Donate $1. Donate $5. Donate $10. I speak first hand when I say that this is money well spent.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can donate online at

Keep coming back to this site as I chronicle our training adventures [and mis-adventures] leading up to the big weekend. If you want to get out and go for a run, we love training partners!