Thursday, December 24, 2009


It has been an eventful last week and a half. Last weekend we were to get out for the Celtic Solstice 5 miler on Saturday and then a 20 miler on Sunday. That was the plan at least. Then came the snow....lots of snow. In DC we got hit with about 18" of the wintry goodness which in the nation's capital equals complete shutdown. Needless to say, the only workouts we got were shoveling snow. On Saturday we shoveled at least three or four times and Sunday brought the lovely task of digging out the cars. After the last shovel full, I went right to the shower and then couch not even considering a run.

On Monday, Maureen and I drove up to Connecticut for the holiday. Thankfully the drive was tolerable [we have had a string of terrible drives...8 - 12 hours for a 300 mile trek]. After a dinner and a good night sleep, I had to get back on the running train. While the streets of Connecticut had limited snow, the temperature at run time was 23 degrees with a nasty wind. I put on my 30 layers of clothing and headed out.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Connecticut Training 2 [Short Training 21]

I made my journey through the streets of Wolcott and Waterbury dodging snow banks and lost holiday shoppers. The first 5 miles were not too bad...there was some sun and a light breeze. After I made the turn back, the wind smacked me in the face and beat me down. I fought the urge to stop and call for a ride at every hill. After about 10 miles, I was back to a warm house.

After the day off yesterday, I got back out this morning for a pre-holiday dinner run. The plan was to do about 5 miles and keep the legs loose in the 19 degree blistering heat. That was the plan...then I got lost. I had some idea where I was, but wasn't exactly sure, aside from turning around, how to get back. Using my John Locke tracking skills [I can't wait for LOST to return] I figured out where I was and only had two hills to cross to get home. So much for a light jog with limited hills. Needless to say, the post 7 miles shower and coffee were fantastic.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Connecticut Training 1 [Short Training 20]

I am now ready to relax for a few days and enjoy the holiday with friends and family. I hope everyone gets to do the same. We are about two and a half weeks from the race, so I should start carbo-loading now...bring on a nice, cold beer. Have a great holiday everyone!

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  1. Celtic Solstice 5miler is in Baltimore. And my running group was running/did run it. :) Let me know if you are ever going to come up to Baltimore again for a race!