Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend O' Running

It was a weekend out running around the city. Saturday started with a lovely 6:30a, 10 mile jaunt into Georgetown. Nothing like having to go into work on a Saturday forcing you to hit the road before dawn. John, in some moment of weakness or extreme stupidity, agreed to run with me in the wee hours of the morning. Aside from the 98% humidity it was a good morning to get out.

Sunday was spent chasing Sondra Pires around the Marine Corps Marathon. In an attempt to run Hains Point with her, I headed to the Tidal Basin. I managed to see some guy dressed as the devil, another guy in a mohawk and kilt and a third dressed a Flash Gordon. I also managed to miss Sondra. I went to the other side of Hains Point to continue my luck. I then crossed the Mall and found her around the Washington Monument. I ran with her along the north side of the Mall and then in from of the Capitol. I broke off at the Botanical Gardens [to tell the truth, I couldn't keep up anymore...she was owning that race]. I came back to get my morning coffee and put my old legs up. Lots of training to go...nicely done Sonj!!!

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Marine Corps Marathon Support

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Long Training 5

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