Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"you are very juicy"

It was one of those great days where I managed to get home at a reasonable hour and sneak in a nice 7 mile run. Following the run I stopped in the dry cleaners to pick up the weekly laundry. I love our dry cleaner...not only are they nice folks, but they do a good job. That being said, occasionally Mee Young [the owner] and I have communication issues. Of course, her English is far better than my Korean.

A couple of years ago when I moved back to DC after being in Rome for 4 months, Mee noted, "where have you been? Oh, you look fatter." I nicely explained to Mee that fatter is not the term she was looking for; she meant to say, "where have you been? Oh, you look incredibly handsome." She smiled and noded.

Today was along those lines. Following my 7 miles in 98% humidity [sure there is no such thing as global warming] and loss of 3 pounds in sweat, I was greeted by a smiling Mee. She started the shirt carosel looking for my laundry and asked where I had exercised. I told her of my run along the Mall and she grimaced and said "you are very juicy". I can only assume she was looking to say "sweaty", but having never been described as juicy, I let that one go. Now all I need is those tacky velor sweatpants with JUICY stitched across the rear. Well, off to the mall...

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