Sunday, August 30, 2009

What a weekend

What a great day for a run. It was 72 degrees with 75% humidity at the start of the Annapolis 10 miler. The humidity was a bit much, but considering the race is generally insanely hot, I would take the humidity.

The first 4 miles are through wonderful downtown Annapolis. Brad, Sondra and I managed to stay together for most of it. The first mile was painfully slow moving in and out of folks trying to get our own pace. As we hit mile 1 or so, we settled into a groove. Once we turned to head up the hills into the local neighborhoods, we all lost each other in the crowds. With 4500 people running it wasn’t hard to lose each other.

I managed to keep a good pace through the hills and neighborhoods. As I crossed back over the river by the Naval Academy I had just over a mile to go and was feeling great. Once I saw the Naval Stadium, I was able to give a little kick and finish strong. With a goal of one hour and twenty minutes, I finished at 1:18. Sondra and Brad finished shortly thereafter. We all celebrated with a huge breakfast toasting the great day.

I am by no means a professional athlete. I don’t even pretend to be a professional athlete. I only endorse my friends, their talents, skills and businesses...expect right now. I tried a new product at the race today and was completed blown away. I got some enlyte strips yesterday at the race expo and figured I would give them a go. I know, don’t try a new routine on race day. I don’t listen very well and I am glad I don’t. These little bad boys are phenomenal. Stop reading this and go get some now, you will thank me later. I used a couple before the race and then some during and felt great. I am really impressed. No, they aren’t paying me a damn thing to write this. If anyone at enlyte happens to read this, wanna pay me to sing your praises?

It is 5:30 pm EST and John is just wrapping up the bike portion of the Ironman. According to the reports we are getting, he is looking good and relaxed. Keep it up amigo…we are cheering you on!

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