Saturday, August 22, 2009

I can't feel my legs

I am sitting on my couch debating going to bed [it's 4:04pm EST] or taking a nap following an amazing week at Camp Oasis. The kids seemed to have a great time and so did the "adults"! With swimming, golf, ga-ga, dances, a luau, an outdoor movie, hours of music and countless other activities, it is no wonder I am totally exhausted. We had an incredible staff of counselors and an amazing medical team. Thanks to all who participated this week giving their time and energy.

In order to keep pushing the envelope, we amended the already successful scavenger hunt to include movies and music. This year, the campers had to help find Chad [Chad Hollister, musician extraordinaire comes each year to share his tunes and expertise helping the students write and record their own] who got lost attempting to find polar bears. I think the video speaks for itself...

We did this in a 36 hours period with our genius filmmaker, Todd Lewis. The campers seemed to love it and made sure we learned the finer points of the buddy system. We are now taking ideas for next year's hunt. Assuming we continue to up the ante, I presume we will have pyrotechnics, Mr. T, Frankenstein and Magnum PI.

Don't forget to check out the outtakes... Although we appear to be professional actors, we had our share of mistakes.

After my week of camp food and junk food snacks, training picks back up tomorrow with the Annapolis 10 miler in one week. This is going to hurt.

Heading to horizontal...good night...

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