Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not a fan of the stones...

We made it back in one piece from Paris following a great trip. It was nice to get back to my own bed. Thursday brought reality and back to work for us. I met Brad for a quick 4 mile run after work to shake out the jet lag. We had some dinner at home and watched some Thursday night football.

At 1am I woke up with my back killing me. I figured I twisted something while running. I got the heating pad and moved to the couch to lay down. Within an hour, I was in agony, not able to sit, lie or stand. I decide to head to the hospital [good decision]. I decide to drive myself [bad decision]. I somehow [I have no idea how] made it to Sibley Hospital and the emergency room. The security guard working the desk and the overnight shift quickly realized that I could not fill out the entry form [hell, I couldn't even read it I was in so much pain] and called for immediate help. The nurse that showed up got me to a chair telling me not pass out as she was half my size and wasn't going to be able to get me up. I gave her my symptoms and she says "I'd bet my salary that you have kidney stones".

I thought kidney stones were reserved for 65 year old people, not 37 year pillars of health [I tell myself that when I am eating chik-fil-a]. She gets me to an emergency room bed and they somehow get an IV in me [I was rolling around in pain, so I was a bit of a moving target]. She gives me some "wonderful pain medicine" that will work quickly. After 4 doses of this miracle pain drug, I get some relief. Fast forward...after the first CAT scan, they find I do have a stone moving from my kidney. They continue to pump me with saline in hopes that it moves through. 7 hours later, I have another CAT scan and the 3mm piece of pain has moved into my bladder and I am free. Since it has been about 7 plus hours since the pain medication, I sneak out with no one telling me not to drive. Driving was not a problem...I was just exhausted from getting an hour and half of sleep...the miracle pain medication was the issue. An unfortunate by-product of this medication is that it "might cause nausea". What they mean is that you will have to pull your car over 4 times on the drive home so you can get sick on the side of the road. Thanks miracle drug.

I crash for a couple of hours, get up, get cleaned up and head to work [I am hoping that some higher-up at work reads this as they are dishing out raises and see my commitment / insanity]. Needless to say, I was in bed by 9pm and out cold.

This weekend was our first double training weekend. We had 5 miles on the schedule for Saturday and 18 miles on Sunday. The downfall to this training weekend is that John was out with a banged up knee for at least a couple of weeks. As a result, I hit the road Saturday with a new training partner in Harley the new dog. The 18 month bundle of energy was a great pace pace dog. We had a great run along the Mall taking in some sunny weather.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Short Training 12

Sunday morning brought the big challenge. I figured I could do the 18 miles; the issue was going to be running alone. Brad stepped up and ran the first 3 miles with me getting me kicked off. I threw on the headphones and took on the remaining 15 miles. It was a great day for a run with cool temperatures and sunny skies. I ran at a decent pace aside from the brutal headwind along the Mall. I made it up the hill around the Capitol and ran right to Jimmy Ts. Wendy was gracious enough to not only meet me, but get there and save a table. The eggs, french toast and bacon could not have tasted any better.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Long Training 9

Following my long, hot shower, I got my first of 800 glasses of water [No way in hell am I going to do that kidney stone thing again]. I am set up to watch the Skins / Cowboys game. After the Skins game last week, I am looking for a victory. I love football Sundays!

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