Saturday, November 14, 2009

Need Croissant STAT!

So we arrived in Paris on Thursday afternoon after a nice direct flight from Dulles. Aside from the TERRIBLE movie [do not, I repeat NOT, watch or even consider watching GI is 2 hours of your life that you will never get back] the flight was rather enjoyable. Even more shocking was that we got our luggage...I have a very bad history with traveling to Europe while my bags have gone to just about every other continent. We hopped in a taxi and went directly to Stanley and Judy's incredible apartment, one block away from the beautiful Tuilerie Gardens. Following a very quick shower and lunch, it was off to work.

Stanley and I went to studio and met with the students. I was so impressed with what they are doing in studio, but also in their wonderful sketchbooks. I propped myself up with a couple of cafes and made it through to dinner. We had a fantastic group dinner at a lovely restaurant around the corner from Stanley and Judy's place. I made the half block walk home and hit the bed hard. Thank you jet lag gods...

Friday was spent in meetings with landlords, students and faculty. We had a great picnic lunch in the gardens enjoying the unseasonably warm, sunny weather. There were so many people in the gardens, walking, talking, eating and playing.

Following our day of meetings Maureen, Stanley, Judy, Mary, Sarah and I went to dinner at our friends Celine and Betrand's restaurant, A la Biche au Bois. If you are ever in Paris, do yourself a favor and get a reservation for dinner at this tiny gem of a restaurant. We were introduced to Celine and Betrand through my folks and have loved every second of the relationship! The food is so amazing...the deer with mashed chestnuts will change your life. End the meal with a variety of cheeses and the chocolate mousse with Gran Marnier.

John and I had a gentleman's bet on whether or not I would do my training runs in Paris. Following our enormous meal with plans for more eating in the coming days, there was no way I could miss a run. At 8am in the pouring rain, I hit the road.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Paris Training 1 [Long Training 8]

The run wasn't bad...the rain let up after about 30 minutes or so. The sun started to peak through although the wind was fairly nasty. Instead of Jimmy Ts dreams, I envisioned the croissant, pane au chocolate and baguette I would be consuming. Following the run, I agreed to get the baked goods before coming up to the apartment. Talk of torture...standing in a French bakery, smelling the incredible aroma while be famished. It seemed like I stood in line for 3 hours. After my 5 minutes in the bakery, the croissant was mine.

That the update so far...I need another baguette. Or 7. Anyway, I am off to see a few sites before meeting with some students. Au Revoir!

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  1. what what what?! You cats are in Paris?! Fantastique! Hi Mo!! :)