Saturday, November 28, 2009

WIndy with a chance of cyclone

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I hope everyone had some time to rest and relax and enjoy some time with family and friends.

It was for the most part, a good training week. A nice short run on Tuesday evening led into 3 days off from work. Wednesday's errand running could have been classified as a training run, but I didn't chart the mileage and didn't know how it fit into our training schedule exactly.

Thursday brought about turkey day with a nice morning run. John is still on the mend from his bum knee [plus, Thanksgiving was at his place, so we weren't letting him out of the kitchen] so he unfortunately could not join Brad, Sondra and I as we jogged down the mall and then did the Turkey Trot. It was foggy and a bit chilly, but the warm up was a nice kick off to the day. The Turkey Trot was packed...a great turnout for the run benefiting S.O.M.E. We were able to get out in front of the crowds, so we had a nice, quick run.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Short Training 14 / Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

The plan was to then run home. Brad had enough foresight the night before to get Maureen to come pick us up. Given the cold temperatures and the direct route to get coffee, this was a very wise decision. [Yes, I was drinking water in addition to my more kidney stones for me thanks]

Thanksgiving dinner was spectacular...we ate, drank and were merry. We had somewhere between 30 and 40 courses I think from soup to turkey to mashed potatoes and stuffing to a plethora of desserts. Throw in some football and great vino and it was a fantastic day.

I made the decision to do the long run on Saturday to get another day of rest afterward. From the window, it looked like a nice, sunny day. Unfortunately the wind was screaming making the 40 degrees feel like 30. I went through the first 5 miles with no I crossed the 14th Street Bridge, the weather started to take its toll. The wind was wiping me out and I had 8 miles to go. I regained some composure on the south side of the Potomac, but as I crossed the Key Bridge into Georgetown, my energy was zapped. I pushed through the last 4 miles with everything I had. The wind was nasty and through some disturbance in the force it seemed to always be a head wind regardless of what direction I was heading.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Long Training 10

Needless to say, Saturday was a wash. I didn't even have the energy to meet John at Jimmy Ts...bad news, I know. At least today is another football Sunday and tonight we are heading to M + T Bank Stadium to see the Ravens / Steelers game tonight [thanks Heather and Dick for the tickets!] Enjoy the remainder of the weekend everybody...back to the grind tomorrow.

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