Monday, February 28, 2011

one month to go!!!

We are less than one month away from the National Marathon!!! First off, thank you to everyone who has helped our fund raising and supported Back On My Feet! We cannot thank everyone enough for their generosity!

Training has been going well. With crazy schedules and insane weather [bitter cold, high winds, rain, sleet] we have managed to keep running. Two weeks ago, we ran 18 miles with wind gusting over 40 miles an hour. I won’t lie to you, it hurt. A lot. I just pray that on 26 March, we will have absolutely no wind whatsoever. You can check out the run at

This past weekend was a bit of a scheduling debacle. I had a series of events all day Saturday, so I was unable to get out with the team. Instead, I had to hoist myself out of bed at 4:45 on a Saturday to hit the pavement. DC is wonderfully peaceful at this early hour on a weekend…just a few other runners and a spectacular view of the sunrise from the Key Bridge. 15 miles later, the weekend was in full swing and after a busy day, bed felt sooooooooo good. While I didn’t bring a camera on the run [I should have] you can see my route at

We are going to need as much support as possible leading up to the marathon and on the big day! We love people coming out and running with us [even if it is only for a block] and giving us emotional support [and some water]. Any marathon runner [except those crazy ones that win the race] will tell you that thing biggest thing that helps get us through the race [aside from training] is screaming fans. The race is on the 26th of March starting at 7am and goes all through DC. You can find a course map at Come out and yell! We LOVE familiar faces and screaming friends.

If running before dawn is not your thing, we still could use some donations to reach our goal. ANY little bit helps…just look in your couch cushions, center console in your car and winter coat…I am sure you will find a few spare bucks! Go to and chip in just a little bit. Back On My Feet is an amazing cause and is worthy of every cent. DON’T FORGET…SunTrust is matching DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR EVERY DONATION!!!

Check out the shout out from BOMF on their page at We love it!

Lastly, I wanted to say a special thanks to Dean Sara Thompson at Catholic University’s Metropolitan School for Professional Studies. Not only has Sara helped financially and she ALWAYS offers her moral support when I see her and talk to her but most importantly, Sara is facilitating a connection between BOMF and CUA so that some of our members can take classes and further their education with a goal of a better job and better life. From everyone associated with BOMF, thank you for your time and energy!

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