Friday, January 8, 2010

13 hours to go...

We made it to Florida yesterday in one piece. Thankfully our luggage also made it to Florida. Once we got checked in at the hotel, we, along with 30,000 of our closest friends, made our way to the Race Expo. For the huge crowds, it was pretty well organized and pain-free. We got our numbers, t-shirts and other free stuff and hit the bricks. We have a great 3 bedroom suite with family and friends and had a relaxing dinner.

Today was spent doing a short 2-mile run, scoping out race viewing areas, running a few errands, doing some work and laying low. All 6 of us are now typing away like mad on our laptops with Law + Order SGUTFHEYUFJKF on in the background. We are getting ready for a nice pre-race dinner and an early bedtime.

The first challenge will be getting up to leave the hotel at 4am. The race starts in wav
es beginning at 5:30am with road closures beginning at 3am. In other words, we are getting up damn early to run like mad. People can track us online at

Stay tuned tomorrow for more updates...keep your fingers crossed!

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